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Get the bra that works with your body, not against it. With Zip. Cinch. Lift. adjustable fit and support. Be confident and don't worry about what happens to your breasts when you work out, just focus on the workout.


Adjustable fit and support with revolutionary bounce-taming fabric for total control and confidence. For all your high-impact activities.

Reduce breast bounce.

Sports bra support is measured as ‘impact level’. Low, medium and high impact to reduce breast bounce for related activities. NOBOUNCE™ - SPORTS BRA is the only bra on the market that provides an optimal level of support for low - high-impact activities because it can always be adjusted accordingly.  

Help reduce breast pain and damage.

As you can imagine excess breast bounce adds up over time. What goes up must come down. And to stop the girls heading South something needs to hold them up.

For active women this is either a sports bra or the breasts natural support structure. If the support is left to these breast pain and long-term damage may occur. AKA sagging! 

NOBOUNCE™ - SPORTS BRA will do the work. Supporting you and helping to reduce possible breast pain and long-term ligament damage.

Feel supportive and comfortable.

It goes without saying that the right sports bra should be comfortable. All the support in the world is worth nothing if the sports bra is too uncomfortable to wear.

Since bodies are built differently, conventional sports bras can't provide enough comfort for every body type.

NOBOUNCE™ - SPORTS BRA is specially designed to fit every body individually, as it is equipped with different straps that can be adjusted individually. However, it is still important to choose the right size.

Help you feel confident when exercising.

Nothing is more distracting or can make you feel self-conscious like your breasts bouncing around all over the place. Especially if you have a bit more up top.

Keeping the girls under control can help you feel confident when exercising. Confident you won’t bounce and confident you won’t accidentally ‘pop-out’. 

Allow you to focus on your workout.

Studies show that over 70% of women worry about whether their breasts are still in place during exercise. This has been shown to have a negative effect on the effectiveness of the workout.

Out of control breasts can inhibit your golf swing, give you black eyes while running or affect your balance on your MTB. Wearing the right sports bra keeps the girls under control allowing you to focus on your chosen activity.

Improve sporting performance.

Did you know that wearing a supportive, comfortable, and well-fitting sports bra can actually enhance your sporting performance? It is true.

When you think about it, it makes sense. To perform at your best, you need to be focused and free of distractions. And we women know that nothing distracts us more than unwanted bounce!
Try NOBOUNCE™ - SPORTS BRA and see for yourself how effective your workout can really be. We take care of your breasts, you take care of your workout ;)


• Adjustability.
• Two-way stretch fabric reduces bounce.
• Highest level of support and control.
• Wire-free seamed cups for natural shape.
• Removable breast cups for modesty.
• Zipper garage to protect from chafing.
• Designed to fit all shapes and sizes, cups A – I.




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