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Neostar™ - The One

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Are you the one?

You'll feel like it when you wrap your hand around this saber and feel destiny calling. Designed as a legendary saber that mimics one of the galaxy's most esteemed knights, "The One" saber wears its inspiration on its sleeve. If you're a powerful saber duellist but feel tempted by the dark side, wear your fictional counterpart's saber and embrace your destiny. Just don't go after any younglings, okay?


 Looking for the ultimate fan experience and full customization of your saber? Then check out our limited edition Pro Edition Saber "The One". Proffie Neopixel Version Available. High tech movie replica with unlimited effect customization via SD card and super bright Neopixel blade with the LEDs built into the blade instead of the hilt. 

This is as real, as it gets guys!!!


NeoStar™ - "The One" Advanced Features

  • High-quality materials and ultra-realistic design: will give you the most exciting experience. The Hilt is crafted from high-quality frosted Aircraft Aluminium Metal and the blades are made of ultra-resistant Polycarbonate and are extra-long (36.22inch/92cm)
  • Hilt can be completely taken apart
  • Swing on funtion (Swing heavily to turn it on)
  • Velocity Detection Smooth Swing
  • Color changing blade: 12 different blade colors changeable at the press of a button (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between). 
  • Neopixel Blade available (Not in the LED Smooth Swing Version) Neopixel Blades have the LEDs built in the blade and offer a lot more visual effects than normal LED blades. Also, they are much brighter.
  • Upgraded Soundboard with Premium Sound 
  • Sound effects: 10 different sound fonts. Saber clashing and ignition, saber lock-up, blaster deflecting, character quotes, motion noises, and iconic music. 
  • Flash-on-clash: When two saber blades hit each other, a flash effect is produced.
  • Proffie Board with SD Card available: Customize your saber and load your own light fonts and sound fonts.
  • Duel ready: Tough, durable blade able to withstand dueling against other saber blades.
  • Rechargeable battery: in-hilt recharge port without the need of ever replacing a battery (fast charger provided).
  • Fast Charger: Charges your saber in No-Time (2x faster charging)
  • Exchangeable battery

This masterpiece comes in three different versions.

Basic Smooth Swing LED Version

The basic model of "The One" comes with everything that our Advanced Saber models have to offer. Blade Color changing, 10 unique sound fonts, 

Neopixel Blade Version

The Neopixel Blades are much brighter than the normal LED blades available.
Also, the LEDs are built into the blade, not the handle, which opens the door for a whole range of different advanced lighting effects. Extending blade, tapered blade, flaming blade are just a few of them. The blade is also quite durable, although we don't recommend using the Neopixel blade for your heaviest duels.

Proffie Neopixel Version

If you want to go all out, the Proffie Neopixel version is for you.
The Proffie Board with an integrated SD card allows you to completely customize "The One" Saber for you.

Load your own sound effects and light fonts onto the Saber and never be limited again in terms of light and sound settings.
All standard features of the other versions are of course also included in the Proffie Neopixel version + many more possibilities. This is probably the closest Saber to the Real Deal as possible.

Also, our Proffie version comes equipped with a Neopixel Blade and offers you a true to original Saber experience of the first class. Brighter colors and much advanced visual effects are waiting for you. 

This piece should not be missing in any serious collector's collection!


Key Features

  • Duel-ready + Removable Blade
  • 12 - Unlimited Blade LED Colour Selection
  • 10 - Unlimited Unique Sound Fonts
  • Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing
  • USB Charger + Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Navigational Single Switch or two switches (Only Proffie Version)


What's included:

1x Neostar - The One Saber Hilt
1x Neostar - The One Blade
1x Charging Cable
1x Manual
1x Saber Stand (Only included with Proffie Neopixel Version)


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